What is a Scratch Golfer? Understanding the Elite Status in Golf

In the world of golf, few achievements are as respected and coveted as attaining the status of a scratch golfer. This term, often heard in clubhouses and on fairways around the world, represents the pinnacle of amateur golfing prowess. But what exactly does it mean to be a scratch golfer, and why is this status so significant in the golfing community?

Everything You Need to Know About Golf Handicaps

A golf handicap is a numerical measure of a golfer’s potential ability. It allows players of different skill levels to compete fairly by adjusting their scores to a common level. The golf handicap system is crucial for creating an even playing field, ensuring that both novice and experienced players can enjoy competitive rounds together. In […]

Pinehurst’s Newest Gem

With all eyes this week on Pinehurst No. 2, we thought it the perfect time to have a look at Pinehurst’s newest number, 10. Pinehurst No. 10, the latest addition to the storied Pinehurst Resort, has captured the attention of golf enthusiasts and critics alike. Designed by the talented and renowned golf course architect, Tom […]

Golf and Gastronomy: Combining Championship Courses with Culinary Excellence

Golf and gastronomy are perfectly paired at some of the world’s most esteemed destinations, offering the ideal blend of sporting challenge and culinary delight. For those who value precision in their putts and in their dining, these elite locales deliver top-tier experiences both on the greens and at the table. Culinary Delights on the Greens […]

The Upcoming Women’s US Open: A Tournament of High Stakes and Farewells

The anticipation for the 2024 Women’s US Open is palpable as the golfing world prepares for one of its most prestigious events. This year’s tournament promises not only fierce competition but also a poignant moment as it marks the retirement of one of the sport’s most beloved figures, Lexi Thompson. Scheduled to take place at […]

2024 PGA Championship: A Spectacular Event with a Dramatic Finish

The 2024 PGA Championship, held at the esteemed Valhalla Golf Club, will be remembered not only for its exceptional competition and dramatic conclusion but also for the unexpected events surrounding it. Amidst the backdrop of one of golf’s premier tournaments, the arrest of Scottie Scheffler cast a shadow over the proceedings. However, the focus soon […]

Rory McIlroy: Mastering Pressure Through Focus and Integrity

Rory McIlroy has long stood at the forefront of professional golf, celebrated for his exceptional talent and relentless dedication to the sport. From his early days, McIlroy’s prodigious skills set him on a rapid ascent, establishing him as one of the most prominent figures in golf. However, with his rise to fame came intense scrutiny […]

Navigating Valhalla: 2024 PGA Championship

Valhalla Golf Club, a legendary venue with a rich history of hosting major championships, presents a unique and formidable challenge to golfers of all skill levels. As we look ahead to the 2024 PGA Championship, the question arises: How would an average golfer fare on such a prestigious stage? While the prospect is daunting, it […]

The Rejuvenation of Jordan Spieth: A Lesson in Mental Health and Professional Development

Jordan Spieth, a celebrated golfer who once dominated the greens with his prowess, encountered a significant dip in form that puzzled fans and analysts alike. After a series of disappointing performances, Spieth revealed that mental challenges were a significant barrier to his success. Recognizing the need to address these issues, he turned to a sports […]

Press Release: World Golf Competition x TRUE linkswear Australia

TRUE linkswear Australia and World Golf Competition are excited to announce their collaboration that will see TRUE linkswear as the preferred footwear supplier to the World Golf Competition. This relationship is part of the The Competition’s ongoing commitment to providing the high standard of product and services our global community expects. Played across four continents, […]