Enhancing Your Golf Game: The Importance of Golf Fitness Training

For seasoned golfers, the pursuit of excellence on the course extends far beyond technical skill alone. Mastery of the game demands a comprehensive approach that includes a focus on physical fitness tailored to the unique demands of golf. As experienced players know, investing in targeted strength, flexibility, and endurance training not only enhances performance but […]

Crafting an Effective Warm-Up Routine for Golf Tournaments

Preparing for a golf tournament demands more than just showing up on the day of the event. It requires a meticulously planned warm-up routine to prime your body and mind for peak performance on the course. Here’s a comprehensive guide on crafting an effective warm-up routine to optimize your game. Dynamic StretchingBegin your warm-up routine […]

Maximising Simulator Golf Practice: Five Key Areas for Improvement

Simulator golf is a revolutionary tool for golfers of all levels, offering a dynamic and accessible way to refine skills and elevate performance. To make the most of your practice time, focusing on five key areas can yield significant improvements in your game. Swing Mechanics The foundation of a solid golf game lies in sound […]

The Emergence of LIV and it’s affect on The Players Championship

The Players Championship has long held the reputation of being golf’s ‘unofficial fifth Major,’ a title that has been challenged with the emergence of LIV Golf. The tournament, hosted at one of professional golf’s iconic courses with a rich history and substantial prize fund, has traditionally featured some of the sport’s biggest names. However, the […]

Nano Bubble Technology is Changing Golf Course Sustainability

A notable technology gaining prominence in golf course upkeep is Nano Bubble Technology. This advanced method entails introducing nano-sized bubbles of ozone and oxygen into water, delivering a spectrum of advantages for the well-being of turf. Aesthetically Gratifying TurfVisual allure plays a pivotal role in attracting players and creating memorable experiences. Nano Bubble Technology contributes […]

Golf Genius chosen to power the 2025 World Golf Competition schedule

6th February 2024 – Golf Genius, the leading provider of cloud-based golf software solutions, has been chosen by World Golf Competition (WGC) to power its schedule of major events. From 2025 onwards, World Golf Competition will deploy Golf Genius’ Tournament Management solution to digitally enhance the event experience for WGC participants. WGC is a global […]

The Science of Golf Ball Compression and Choosing the Right Ball for You

The Science of Golf Ball Compression and Choosing the Right Ball for You

Golf is a sport of precision and control, where every element, from the player’s swing to the choice of equipment, can significantly impact performance. Among the most critical aspects of golf equipment is the golf ball itself. The choice of golf ball can profoundly affect distance, trajectory, and overall playability. One crucial factor in this […]

The Merger: What We Know So Far

LIV Golf and PGA Merger

With merger talks around the corner, it is a great time to summarise what we know so far. The merger between the PGA and LIV Golf Investments raises some critical questions and concerns that deserve careful consideration. The organisations are joining forces with the aim of revitalising and redefining the landscape of professional golf entertainment. […]

A Guide to Course Strategy

world golf competition

Golf is often described as a mental chess match played between the ears. Success on the golf course isn’t solely determined by your swing; it’s also about strategic thinking. Mapping out your game plan hole by hole is a crucial aspect of course strategy that can help you navigate the challenges of each round more effectively.

Breaking Par: Mental Strategies for Consistency Under Pressure

Golf is often described as a game that’s “played between the ears.” While physical skill and technique play a crucial role, the mental aspect of the game is equally important, especially when striving to break par. Achieving scores below par requires not only a solid swing but also the ability to manage pressure and maintain consistency throughout a round.