Competition Rules

These rules will ensure handicapping equity for Competitors. Failure to adhere to these rules will lead to disqualification from the Competition.

Rules of Play


To qualify to play in the World Golf Competition a competitior must;
  • Hold a World Handicapping System handicap.
  • Play off a handicap index of 20.0 or below.
  • Submit 20 handicap contributing scores from verified golf rounds to the World Golf Competition. You must do this within 18 months leading into your Round 1 event.

Rules of Play

  • The World Golf Competition will adhere to R&A and USGA rules.
  • Rounds 1-4 will be knockout rounds with winners of each group of four players progressing. Each of these events will be played as single day’s of 18 hole handicapped stableford.
  • The World Final will be played over 36 holes under the rules of handicap strokeplay.
  • All Rounds will be played at designated golf courses on a designated day.
  • Failing to tee off on a designated competition day means a golfer forfeits her/his place in the competition.
  • All Rounds must be completed within 4 hrs and 15 mins unless approved by the competition representative. Slow play attracts the penalties prescribed by USGA and R&A rules.


  • All players will play using their World Handicapping System handicap that has been verified by the World Golf Competition.
  • Participants will be required to play off a handicap index of 20.0 or below for the duration of The Competition.
  • All players must submit at least 20 handicap contributing scores to World Golf Competition for verification.
  • To compete in any round of the World Golf Competition, a person has to produce their verifiable World Handicap System handicap.


In Rounds 1
  • Players with Stableford scores in the Top 50% of the field will progress.
  • The winner of each One v Three Format competition progresses to the Round 2.
  • Players who do not win the One v Three Format but do have a score in the Top 50% of Stableford scores will progress to the Repechage Event. 
In Rounds 2-4
  • The winner of each One v Three Format competition progresses to the next round.
  • Bonus places for progression to the next round will be available for the lowest nett and/or gross score(s) posted on the day of play by non-group winners. Places are at the discretion of World Golf Competition.
Repechage Event 
  • Bonus place in the Zone Final will be available to the best aggregate/combined Stableford scores from Round 1 and the Repechage Event. Places (i.e. the number of progressing players) will be at the discretion of World Golf Competition. 
Regional Final
  • The daily winner and runner-up from each Zone Final will have the opportunity to select the location where they will play their Regional Final. Travel to the chosen Regional Final will be provided by World Golf Competition according to The Competition travel schedule.