The Competition - Fair Play

World Golf Competition – Fair Play

World Golf Competition is committed to providing a true professional tournament experience that crowns a true World Amateur Champion. To ensure this, the integrity of The Competition is of extreme importance, as such, World Golf Competition will take significant steps to ensure all golfers are playing in the spirit of the game.

The Competition - 1 v 3 Format

The World Golf Competition is played using the unique 1 v 3 Format. Players will compete directly against their 3 other group members through Handicapped Stableford over 18 holes. Playing with the 1 v 3 Format enables us to maximise fairness by encouraging a high level of integrity and removing the impact of varying weather conditions.

Our format is specifically designed to ensure a high level of competitive intensity, to give players the best opportunity to feel the adrenaline and excitement of Top 100 touring professional. Are you ready to take on the challenge and compete on the global stage on your way to becoming the first true World Amateur Champion!

On-course Marshals

To ensure all players have a great on-course experience, World Golf Competition will ensure all groups play with a group marshal. The marshals role is focused on the players experience. They will conduct live scoring, help maintain a strong pace of play and support the players as they make there way around the golf course.

World Handicapping System (WHS)

Since the introduction of the WHS, the ability for golfers to drastically increase their handicap has significantly decreased. The system has been successful in achieving its goals of creating a consistent and fair system for golfers of all skill levels, regardless of their geographic location or where they play.

The new system has allowed for greater portability of handicaps, providing more flexibility for golfers to play at different courses and clubs. The system also places a greater emphasis on peer review, promoting transparency and ensuring that players are accurately assessed based on their abilities. 

As such, we require all players in our event to have a valid Handicap held by a golf association that abides by the WHS. We expect this to mitigate some of the issues caused by players sandbagging as the ability to do so has been made considerably harder.

Handicap Limit

Players in the World Golf Competition will be permitted to play off a maximum handicap of 20.0 (prior to course handicap calculations) for all rounds of the event. Setting a handicap limit helps to ensure that handicaps are calculated fairly and accurately, as it prevents golfers from artificially inflating their handicap in order to gain a competitive advantage. This promotes fairness in tournament play and ensures that the outcome of a tournament is determined based on the skill level of the players, rather than their handicap.

Handicap Validation System

To be eligible for play in our event, all players must submit all scores from rounds contributing to their handicap within the 18 months leading into our event for validation. World Golf Competition will require players to have played a minimum of 20 handicap contributing rounds in the 18-months leading into tournament play to be permitted to compete in Round 1 at their stated handicap.

The research we have done throughout the lead up to our launch has elucidated that this methodology will give us the best opportunity to ensure all players are playing in a fair and level field. The requirement of consistent play and further validation gives more reliable and accurate handicaps over the long-term and will play a significant role in us providing the best possible experience to our participants.

Tournament Handicap

o Given the significant time frame in which this event is played over, it is likely players handicaps will vary between the first and final rounds. As such, World Golf Competition maintains the right to re-handicap participants and provide them with a tournament handicap for all subsequent rounds should they be successful in progressing past Round 1.

Tournament handicaps will be determined by the tournament committee and will be based on previous round results, starting handicap and current handicap of the individual player. This will enable World Golf Competition to ensure the fairest playing field for all players in Round 2, Zone, Regional and World Finals.